Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Department's primary responsibility is that of guiding and directing the County's future growth while ensuring the preservation of its attributes. Planning and Zoning is responsible for current planning, long-range planning, zoning compliance, and related administrative duties. These functions help to ensure high-quality development and the protection of property values.

Individuals or developers seeking to initiate any type of building or development project should contact the Planning and Zoning Department to determine the necessary plans and specifications that will be required in reviewing a given project. This Department also oversees the implementation of the County's Comprehensive Plan, which outlines specific goals and objectives for guiding and managing growth.

Zoning Permits

A zoning permit shall be required for any structure erected on your property. This shall include farm structures, open carports, pre-fabricated buildings, additions, and swimming pools.


  • Lots in A-1, Agricultural zone shall have the following setbacks:
  • Front - 75 feet from the right-of-way of the road
  • Sides - 15 feet
  • Rear - 35 feet

Please note: For all other zoning district setbacks, please contact Halifax County Zoning Administrator.


  • Zoning permits - $50
  • Conditional Use permits - $500
  • Large Scale Solar Conditional Use Permit - $1,000
  • Variances - $500
  • Plat Review - $25 ($5 for each additional parcel)
  • Medical Variances - $25 (must be reviewed yearly)


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