Animal Control

Halifax County Animal Control ensures the safety of County residents and personal property through enforcement of the Animal Control Ordinance and public education regarding responsible pet ownership.

Animal Control Officers investigate animal bites, citizen complaints, destructive animals, predation of livestock, and cruelty or neglect of animals. Animal Control Officers also have the authority to investigate and enforce dog licenses, rabies vaccinations, and other animal issues that may affect public health.

Halifax County maintains a newly constructed, modern animal shelter where abandoned and impounded animals are maintained in a humane, caring environment. Animal Control encourages the adoption of healthy animals from this facility.

Animal Control-related Emergencies Outside Normal Operating Hours

Animal bites or attacks on people, stray animals injured by things such as motor vehicle strike or firearm incidents, or livestock obstructing public roadways are examples of situations where Animal Control responds outside of normal operating hours. In those circumstances, citizens can call the emergency number, 434-476-3334, to reach an Animal Control Officer.

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