GIS / Mapping & E-911 Addressing

The goal of Halifax County's GIS/Mapping Department is to help improve the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens by providing quality mapping services to county citizens and county departments for analysis during public meetings and hearings from the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors and others who may request our services.

The GIS department also provides new 911 addresses after a building permit application has been received in our office for a new home or business structure.

Web Geographic Information System (WebGIS)

A Web Geographic Information System (GIS) is a site that uses a high-resolution aerial photo as a base map with layers of information about a place. The Halifax County GIS has information that includes: local and regional mapping, land parcels, zoning for the Town of Halifax and the Town of South Boston, and aerial photography.


The data contained in this WebGIS is for informational purposes. This data does not represent a legal description. Halifax County assumes no liability for any errors in the data or the decisions based upon this information. This GIS is ever-evolving and a considerable effort is made to update the data on a continuous basis.

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