Forms most often needed by visitors to our site are located below. In an effort to enhance ease of use, many of these are fillable PDF forms, and can be downloaded and filled in on your computer. Directions for submission accompany each form. Please remember that many forms may contact protected personal information and should not be transmitted via email unless secured by the sender. 

 If you are unable to find or download a form you need or have additional questions, please email Halifax County for assistance.

  1. 2022 Real Estate Assessment Appeal Application (PDF)
  2. 2023 Return of Business Tangible Personal Property (PDF)
  3. 2023 Return of Machinery and Tools (PDF)
  4. 2023 Return of Tangible Personal Property (PDF)
  5. 2023 Tax Relief for the Elderly and Disabled (PDF)
  6. Agreement in Lieu of an Erosion and Sediment Plan (PDF)
  7. Application for Aerial Fireworks Display (PDF)
  8. Application for Storage and Sale of Fireworks (PDF)
  9. Application to Use County Facilities (PDF)
  10. Authorization to Release Background Information (PDF)
  11. Building Fee Schedule - Commercial (PDF)
  12. Building Fee Schedule - Residential (PDF)
  13. Building Permit Application Form (PDF)
  14. Camper Site Rental Application - fairgrounds (PDF)
  15. Citizen Committee Interest Form (PDF)
  16. Commercial Erosion and Sediment Control Fee Schedule (PDF)
  17. Contractors Certification of Workers Compensation Liability (PDF)
  18. County License Interrogatory - BPOL Form
  19. E and S Control Application (PDF)
  20. Employment Application
  21. Fairgrounds app and license agreement
  22. Family Conveyance Relationship Affidavit (PDF)
  23. Family Second Dwelling Relationship Affidavit (PDF)
  24. Land Use Application (PDF)
  25. Meal Tax Return (PDF)
  26. Permit for Secondhand Building Fixtures Trading (PDF)
  27. Short Term Rental Regulations and Registration Application (PDF)
  28. Special Entertainment Permit Application
  29. Trade Permit Application (PDF)
  30. Traffic Impact Analysis (Required as Part of the Land Use Application) (PDF)
  31. Transient Lodging Room Rental Tax Form (PDF)
  32. Zoning Appeal and Variance Request Form (PDF)
  33. Zoning Permit Application
  34. Zoning Permit (agriculture only) w Farm Structure Affidavit (PDF)